500 thousand square feet of secure storage
in Laredo Texas, + distribution service.

Inventory control and product information in real time.
Our integral technological system helps your company

to improve your supply chain.

Simple cost,
per day.

You choose. We have secure storage services available, as well as specialized service that requires merchandise handling and / or special services related to the distribution of your merchandise.

I have certified -from Houston to Laredo- hundreds of companies and had never seen a security system as robust as the one
I've seen at Del Bravo.

Certifier Agent C-TPAT

Always Secure

We handle all the labeling / re-labeling of your products with specific label for each of the clients that you need.


If your volume of some of your products does not merit a complete container, we take care of the logistics necessary to organize your merchandise inside shared containers


We are experts in repackaging merchandise to distribute or transport it in the exact presentation that you need.

Permission Management

We handle the transportation of your merchandise. If your pallets cross by 3 or 10 states, or 3 countries. We take care of doing it with perfection and according to the law.


Logistic coordination of products can be quite complicated. We solve that problem, so you can focus on your business.

Pallet Management

We palletize your merchandise and products for a safe transport to your destination in any part of the world. While synchronizing your inventory all the time.

¿Do you want to know the
history of your
shipments, before
they arrive to
our warehouses?

can do that.

Desarrollo Api
historial de embarques en bodega laredo texas

Manage and modify
your chain of value.

Flexible solution that responds to changing needs. Request changes to your chain of value on any shipment that we have in our warehouse.

modificar prioridad de cadena de valor

A large percentage of storage providers in Laredo Texas rent the land. In the case of Del Bravo, the LAND where we store is our own, that gives us an advantage because we don't pay rent and it benefits our customers for better costs

We charge per day because that way customers only pay for what they use. In many cases the variation of pallets is daily, so the logical thing is to invoice per day. This is one of the things that our customers enjoy.

Being a technology company, we have a much greater control over storage. This translates into better communication and real-time information of all your shipments and also in the capacity we have to improve your logistics chain, which is why we distinguish ourselves between other traditional storage.

We validate the entire value chain with a sophisticated input and output system to ensure that the correct product is received and sent. We have also implemented a control system for visitors, drivers and boxes certified by the OAS. We also have C-TPAT certification.

Yes, it is very easy for us to help you enable your department of supply or we can account the product in its total inventory that your company has in our warehouses. We can connect with your system or help you develop it, so that the product you have with us in the United States be part of your inventory. This benefits the accounting books of your company.

¿Do you want to know more?

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